help me please... not an experienced pc user


wondered if anyone out there can please please help me (:SAD). My husband logged onto the internet without any virus protection firewall etc whatsoever. big mistake i know ( but i did tell him) anyway we have got all sorts of stuff happening with issass.exe and mllmm.exe and btdna and as i am not experienced i can’t differntiate between the good and the bad programs. I had a warning on the comodo firewall once i installed it about something using a bluetooth component (btkeyind.dll) as a golbal hook and i accidentaly clicked allow and have since found out that it is malicious. the thing is with the popups on the firewall i am never sure which are legitimate items and which are not. We use mozilla firefox instead of explorer to access the internet is that a bad thing? would be grateful for any help that you can give me. thanks

Ms hot

Hi miss_hotty_hotti :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but I have bad news for you : You probbably have a Vundo infection :frowning:

Vundo is a very nasty infection that is hard to remove, and it can even atract more baddy’s to your pc.

My advise to you is that you keep your pc offline as much as possible, and that you ask for help in a malware removal forum with a lot of expertise in removing this Trojan. I recommend you to go to Safer Networking Forums :

1 ) Follow the procedure in this sticky :

2 ) When you did that start your own topic here :

An expert will help you when available :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

hi rednose, thanks for your advice, i’ll do as you say and get back to you. :frowning: thanks ms hot