help me ! cis won't install - am without protection now

Because of false positives reporting in an other thread a mod adviced to re-install cis after uninstallinng it first.
This on account of cis possibly being corrupted.
Si I did just that and then wanted to install the cis I had downloaded from comodo website.
I ran as administarator but Vista won’t accept the administrator status for cis.
All I get is a tiny pop-up for a second and then nothing happens.

I am now without firewall and anti-virus protection, what should I do ?


Ok, I figured it out:

I have been using a UAC manager for a year now, it’s called SuRun (Super User Run) from, and never had any problem with it before.
It’s supposed to make life with Vista easier with UAC being such a nuisance.
But since the UAC was the point where I got into problems with this install I thought it might be SuRun, even though I don’t understand why.
To test it I uninstalled SuRun and now I could install CIS with no notable problems. ;D
I guess the reason must be something in the area of CIS and SuRun both working in the security area, or just that the CIS installer is not very well designed by Comodo.