HELP.Ive locked a folder and cant get back into it

Ive just locked one of my folders to test how the app works.and now after deleting the folder from the Folder Lock list It still wont let me open it…please help


can sum1 help me with this…if i dont get into this folder im goin to have alot of problems as it contains my work documents.



I don’t have an answer and would strongly recommend that you lodge a support ticket on the official support centre.

See the following link for details on how to log in, lodge and track a support call.

Please post any results back here for the benefits of others that may strike the same issue.

Ewen :slight_smile:

sorted the locked issue…
right click select the 2nd open …or explore…and your in.


Please, uninstall Comodo System Cleaner and install any version of Total Commander. Use Total Commander to copy all your files from the locked folder.
Thank you for your support.