Help I uninstalled comodo and lost my internet and computer? [RESOLVED]

I recently installed comodo and may have used it wrong, My cumputer eventually started locking up. and comodo virus scanner would not operate? I used uninstall and lost some desktop abilities, there is no search left on my computer, I have no firewall to view or start? I have no internet connection left, system restore will not work, and says it cant protect my computer? When I try to lower a window to the desktop, it just erases? It also does not recognize my printer or cd/dvd drive;E, or my cable modem?(external plugs) and i have no sound, and sometimes being told I may be in safe mode? But all views appear to be normal. I had windows xp home, avira anti virus, comcast highspeed internet,and I dont know what the firewall was? It came with macfee but i had deleted the main program. What did I do? and how do I get back without a backup boot cd? I have discs for most of this stuff but no system restore and cannot search my computer? what happened? Thanks

What…the…hell… Ok, so it sounds like your computer got owned. So lets start with the basics, did COMODO antivirus pick up any viruses?

Yes it did, but i don’t remember what they were? Is everything I lost replaceable with drivers, and a new firewall or did part of windows get deleted? I dont know what happened to my search function? Is the firewall and system restore tied together?

It seems like your infected.

Download SUPERAntispyware Pre-Release (It’s a preview but its very stable and good). Also download ClamWin Free Antivirus.

Update all program & definitions. Then reboot in safe mode by pressing “f8” until you research the safe mod config screen. Scan with each program and remove the nasties it fines.


Did the problems you are having result after you quarentined or delete the virus? Or after you uninstalled comodo antivirus?

Thanks so much for taking time to try and help me, although I found a replacement backup xp disc and had to use it. The last scan I did before uninstalling comodo showed no problems by Avira. After i uninstalled comodo my main problems were, no search for windows, no property displays for hardware, no restore point, no windows firewall, no networking, I could not install anything? no windows installer? no possible way to connect to the internet? Let this be a warning to people that are not advanced users, Comodo is a strong powerful software, that should not be used lightly, Haha, I also uninstalled windows media player right before this, (not sure if it had anything to do with it, or not, as Ive done that before) Thanks for trying to help me anyway guys! Always make a backup of your files!

No problem. It saddens to hear such a bad story such as yours. Anyway I’m glad everything is well.

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