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Hey guys, I’m running a survey here regarding ( dependability and completeness ) comodo’s free software (anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall). I really need your help, because I want to introduce comodo to my buddies and clients, come to think of it none of them uses (or trusted) any comodo software. They’re a die hard fans of another freeware (Zone Alarm for instance). So I’m posting a poll here,feel free.

Oh what the heck. I have used Zone Alarm for near 6 years, and talk about untrustworthy. I found many instances where info was running about where it shouldn’t have been and I don’t get that with Comodo. Comodo was the only firewall I found to do what it is supposed to do. Not to mention it’s a FULL version , not FULL of it like ZA. ZA was at one time a great firewall but it has blown into a cluttered mess that seems to fail more than work. I found Comodo and will never go back. Someone had posted all the greatness of ZA in another forum, what I had to say was, it takes longer to load than a snail race, gives just enough info to confuse a person as to what it blocks, leaving you to WANT to buy it so you know what the h#ll is going on, will block more NEEDED apps and ports than ones it should be, in some cases won’t allow DSL connections even if you sell your soul, and is fast becoming the NORTON of firewalls. I have found that the number one reason for people not trusting Comodo firewall is due to the fact it’s a Full version and people don’t know how to manually control it and get a bit scared. (although if chose auto install , it’s very simplistic and user friendly)They aren’t used to having that control and don’t bother to take the time to learn. Really , if you take the number of issues that ZA has had and the ungodly amount of problem e-mails they get, not just the ones they put out, they out weigh Comodo firewall problems 100 to 1. Even on here when people think it’s a Comodo problem, even I have, it was usually something else that caused the issue, not CPF.
I am strict on my pc security, have never had a virus or any serious problems in almost 8 years of computing and with Comodo, I once again feel a safety factor that I had lost with ZA or any other firewall. If your buddies or clients do not choose Comodo, then feel sorry for them and enjoy the heck out of it yourself.

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I’ve used a number of products in the past (ZoneAlarm, NetVeda, Kerio, Jetico, avast!, AVG, and Norton, among others). A few months ago I came across Comodo a company I had never heard of before and decided to try their firewall - which was at version 1 at the time and had only just been released. I researched the company and the firewall and found that version 1 did not perform well on the leaktests, but Comodo already knew of this and almost imediately issue version 2 a completely changed product, which was more secure than any other firewall (free or paid) and now passed every leaktest.
I soon switched, and found Comodo a company that responded to users views and opinions fast (for example on the forums you have wishlists that the developers view and then implement ideas, if feasible, these wishes people have asked for). These really are great products already, but are constantly changing to reflect what end users want and constantly improving their security features.


I now use all the Comodo products you see in my signature, among some other security software - but when some of the new Comodo products are released I will switch full time to Comodo for all my security.




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I think when it comes to trust, it is not easy to earn them. I believe Comodo is also finding problems with getting trust from people. Not everyone that comes across Comodo will trust it. I had my initial doubts when I first encounter Comodo, considering the negative comments that exists in certain forums (such as Comodo sending Spam). But I think lately Comodo has evolved to be a user-centric company. One proof is the comments in forums (other forums, not this) where Comodo once had plenty of negative comments and now has more negative than positive.

If I were you, I would give Comodo products a try, after any of your paid subsciptions expired. If you are using plenty of free softwares, I recommend that you switch immediately. In the realm of free security softwares, Comodo is definitely one of the champions (if not the only champion).

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I trust Comodo so I give them 2 thumbs up. I use their antivirus, Firewall, E-mail certificates, and Verification Engine. I trust them, they have excellent support, and wonderful freeware products. They give you the full product not a stripped down freeware version. The CEO even takes time out of his day and visits the forums to help solve user problems. I don’t use their Antispam product but for the Firewall, and the Antivirus I give them 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. I have never had problems with their products that couldn’t be resolved with a visit to the forums.