Help I accidentally removed/blocked a safe application as a virus

I noticed people had similar problems when they blocked an application in Defense+, however, I accidentally removed an application after it was detected as a suspected malware in a virus scan. I thought I could just [edit]re-download the application and run it again. [edit] A message popped up in firefox saying I could not modify this folder and so I have to download to another, but no folder would work. So I disabled stateful antivirus scanning from the task bar icon and could now download it. However if I renable real time scanning I get “access denied” on the application. How do I manually edit comodo’s virus list to exclude this application from being detected as a virus without adding exceptions?

Make sure the application is not excluded. Check under Anti Virus → Scanner settings → Exclusions.

Yeah I have it excluded so I can use it. The only other way I could use it is by disabling the real time stateful scan. It seems permanently blocked as malware and I haven’t figured out how to unblock it.

OK I made sure it wasn’t excluded. As soon as I removed it from the exclusions list a message popped up indicating it was malware. (is this something to do with the most recent update?) Anyway so I added it to my safe files. My question is how does one manually edit both the list of unsafe files and the safe files?

To edit the Exclusions list go to Anti Virus → Scanner settings → Exclusions → now you can add or remove files.

To edit the My Own Safe Files go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My Own Safe Files → you can now add and remove files. With Purge you can look up and delete files that are not used anymore.

How does one edit the virus files? I used the work around of adding the blocked application to My Own Safe Files. I woulld rather just take it out of list of virus files.

Please submit the file using the following interface and it would be fixed. Remember to click on ‘false positive’ while submitting. FPs are normally fixed in a day, so your problem, I hope, would be quickly solved, till that time, you can add it to exceptions list.

OK I submitted it. Also what I am trying to ask is if one makes an error, like I did, in removing a false positive, how does one undo that error? I was unable to download or install the file again without adding it to My Own Safe Files, excluding it or disabling the virus scan. Although I was able to run the file fine before the complete manual virus scan.

It is always safe to ‘quarantine’ it rather than ‘remove’ to take care of FPs. If you observe any problem running the application, it can safely be restored using CIS-Antivirus-Quarantined Items-Restore. (The items in Quarantine cannot do any harm as mentioned somewhere in CIS help files.)

If you are sure that a file is safe being part of a trusted application, you can safely add it to exclusions list and submit the FP using the interface. Mostly by next days’ updation these are fixed and an intimation is also given on the email address given therein.

Ok good advice. Thank you. Problem resolved. That is much better service than I expected. . I should add that comodo isn’t the only scanner that indicated that was malware. Adaware did too, even though it is commonly used.