HELP HIPS Won't let Windows Control Panel Open

I have install Comodo Anti-Vius v2.0.17.58 on a Newly formatted windows XP.
When I try to access the control panel of windows (where all the setting and add and remove programs are in) it crashes the computer and won’t let me open or close any program. All it lets you do is move the mouse. Even if you bring up the task manager and click Shut Down then Restart it still does restart?

When I turn off the Anti-virus HIPS I can access the Windows Control Panel without an problems?

I have both Comodo Anti-virus and Firewall install.
I know it not the firewall because it still hapen before installing the firewall.

My computer specs.
Windows XP Pro 32-bit SP2
ADSL 1.5Mb/256Kb connection
I am logged in as adminstrator
No other Anti-Virus or security applications are installed
5600+ AMD Athlon
3070MB Of DDR2 800Mhz Memory
414.54GB of free space on boot drive. HDD is WD 7200rpm 500GB
8800GTX oc video Card

Any idea’s? It sounds like HIPS is blocking someing to stop the control panel from opening?
Ps. great software. I have disabled HIPS until I can find a cure. :slight_smile:

Hi k9182000

Welcome to the Comodo Forums

It sounds like you have a conflict with the HIPS in the Firewall and in the Anti-virus. Disable the anti-virus HIPS permanently and you should be ok.


I have Disable the HIPS in the firewall and all woks great now.

But this happened before I install comodo firewall. I only had comodo avi-virus install and HIP running which course the computer to ■■■■■ when only opening the windows control panel. Weird

Thanks for your fast reply ;D