Help, Help, Help Secure Shopping Isn't Running

The Secure Shopping Service isn’t running. Is there any way to reinstall that feature? How do I fix this issue?

Yes you can try to re-install secure shopping by first uninstalling it from add/remove programs then after the needed reboot, open cis main interface and go to general tasks and click on secure shopping task which will then prompt you to accept and install secure shopping. But first you should try manually starting the service by going to start > run > type services.msc then enter and look for the comodo secure shopping service and start it from there.

COMODO Secure Shopping dosen’t seem to appear in the “services.msc”. CIS 10 doesn’t seem to have the add/remove feature. If it does, where’s it @?

I have a similiar issue in that I do not have secure shopping installed and believe it to be missing.

Now trying to modify / change the install and I do not even have the option to install secure shopping.

I initially installed CAV 10, then added Dragon from the install exe, but shopping is not part of that install?

It should be a separate item in the control panel add & remove programs (in XP) or programs & features (on Vista and newer).

Secure shopping is only available/offered with CIS the full install e.g. AV and firewall.


I found the Secure Shopping In/Uninstaller in> C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo I ran the tool & got it fixed & it runs fine now. ;D