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In xp default firewall there is a tab called EXCEPTIONS

Now my question is, if I want a program to behave the same way it does when I added to EXCEPTIONS in xp default firewall, but in Comodo CIS?

How can I do that? It will be enought to added to the trust zone in comodo CIS, and just put the program as a truted application in comodo CIS. Or do I need also to open some specific ports in comodo CIS. Or some other options am I missing?

I use safe mode, add rules for safe applications, in firewall and hips (defense+)

Thanks guys

In XP firewall exceptions tab are for programs to be allowed incoming connections, since XP firewall doesn’t really control outgoing connections (default allow).

In CIS (default settings, safe mode) if a program is detected as safe it will be allowed outgoing connection, otherwise you will be asked, you will be asked about incoming connections regardles if the program is detected safe or not (if you’re not using global rules).

So if you want to allow a program to connect to the internet, just start it, if it is detected as safe, it will be allowed automatically if not you’ll be asked.