Help getting the maxinium protection with Comodo AV

Since I feel it is appropriate to start this thread in the help topic, I will: Just for grins I let it scan in safe mode and as in previous test I was at well over an hour and it was still scanning. My question is

-within CIS under antivirus, there are three areas: Profile Name, Critical Areas & My Computer. In order to not have the scan take hours as it is doing now, what should be scanned so I could achieve the scan in the least time?

(Sorry to ask, I just find if I scan “critical areas” on a 500 gb hard drive on even my computer, I figure it would take less then 2 hours).

Am I scanning things wrong? Can someone help me set this up so I can understand for future reference how to achieve the scan becoming complete in the quickest time?

If only I had read the below post DOH! :smiley: