Help, game not connecting

I’m trying to play

I have everything downloaded an installed correctly. However, I cannot connect due to Comodo (2.4).
I’ve checked the logs, and the only message I was getting was due to an ICMP message being blocked. I tried adding a temporary rule to allow ICMP in/out and it didn’t help.

However, if I set the firewall to allow all, I do not have any problems.

I’ve narrowed it down to the application moniter. If I turn off the network moniter, I can’t connect, but if I turn off the application moniter, I can connect.

However, I am not having any luck from there. The game uses a launcher to execute a .bin file. I have that .bin file allowed with all permissions and no other checks.

Still no luck. Anyone have any ideas? I’d really prefer not to have to disable the application moniter to play a game.