Help for newbie setting up firewall

internet explorer will only work with aplication monitor turned off!
even though permission is set to allow for iexplorer.exe

same for all requests for internet, ie updating avg antivirus etc

any suggestions

hi mk (:WAV)
welcome to the forum.
are you sure you didn’t accidentally block anything?
or maybe you’ve set the “computer security level” to “block all”?

computer security level is set to custom

i can’t figure it out?
if i turn applicaiton monitor off… i am able to get onto the internet
in fact that exactly how i can log onto the forum now but…

If i turn application monitor on… i can’t get the internet
and yet all programs on the monitor are set for “allow”

??? have you tried rebooting your computer? i had accidentally block firefox once, and even after i allow it back, i still can’t use the internet until i reboot it.

yup! that did the trick
thanks alot