help: Everything search engine didn't work.

sorry for my poor english.

Everything search engine( is a good file locater program for NTFS disk.
I used it for a long time.
when i update cis to the latest version, it didn’t work for me!
I aleady trust it, and give all privallage to it, but it still returned me a blank screen.

How could i do for it to work again for me?


As you runed first time this applications, did you get any alerts?
Can you check please if are any applications from this in your “My pending files” or “My blocked files”?

If they are any pending applications, yiu can move it to the “My own safe files”.
Can you check what are the messages for this applications in the “View Defense+ Events”?


access rirhts

protection setting

defend+ event

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In everyting’s option tab, I selected “check media”,
now Everything is working for me.

but i wonder who changed my option, I bless I never changed that.