HELP!! Elementary questn re allowing access to sites

I’m using the free version of Comoco/CIS 10 / Windows 10.

I tried to get to this site–

–but Comodo blocked me. Couldn’t figure how how to set up selective access, so somewhere in Comodo I turned off “blocking”, and the Comodo icon on top right of my Desktop shows “at risk”, but I still get a Comodo popup saying “Warning, unsafe web site blocked”. This is the AP news website!

How do I allow access to this and other web sites of my choosing? Not at all clear from Comodo info.

Is WebFilter active? Maybe there is a rule set for blocking the site you want to open.

Did you accept the Comodo DNS option when you installed CIS?

Ploget: when I try to go to the site in question a page comes up with a heading Comodo Secure DNS, so I guess I did sign the agreement.

I have not altered anything in Comodo in any way since installing it.

Night-Flight: See my reply to Ploget.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see when you try to go to that site?

Will post this info in a day or 2. I suddenly got busy. Be patient.

I couldn’t see what to click to post an image (where is that icon??), so here is the contents of the message. This is using Firefox (? 53.0?)

I have not modified Comodo in any way such as adding info re sites to accept or block. I did try to set Comodo to “do not block” or whatever that option is called.

Comodo Secure DNS [title of black box that appears]
Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):

Malware: Site may contain content that is harmful, illegal, or malicious to your computer

Go back to safety (Recommended)

This website has been reported as unsafe by various users and we do NOT recommend you to continue browsing.
Disregard this warning and continue (Not Recommended)

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The option to post an image is right at the bottom of the screen under ‘Additional Options’ . . . but anyway, this is the link that explains the Secure DNS for Comodo and how to change it on your Router or Browser with all the details. Comdo Secure DNS is set up so that various sites are blocked presumably based on on a database of reported ‘good / bad / questionable’ etc.

The trouble you may have in changing it back to your original DNS settings (if you want to), is that unless you’ve made a note of them, you will have to contact your ISP or someone you know who has the same ISP as you do, or use one of the alternative choices such as Open DNS or others:

Try to post the error message if you can - just to be sure

Issue should be fixed please run ipconfig /flushdns and try again.