Help! ComodoWebStart.vbs

I am a complete technophobe and know nothing about anything remotely technical.

Out of the blue today, when I logged on, the message popped up “Windows Script Host can not find ComodoWebStart.vbs”. Now I know this happened to me a few years ago and it was solved by some kind soul. But I can’t remember how. Anyway, I uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled it and the same message keeps appearing.

Could someone possibly explain in very simple, layman’s terms how I can get rid of it? I am running a very old old Acer PC with Windows Vista if that helps.

I Googled online and saw things about regsvr32, which I don’t understand, and then again on here about system something or other, which again I am clueless about.

Any advice much appreciated!

Use autoruns from sysinternals to delete the comodowebstart auto run item.

Oh dear, I saw that on a previous post on here. Unfortunately I don’t understand what that means. Could you explain what I need to do step by step?

Thank you.

This is the link to it, which shows you what it is and how to use it: Autoruns

Thanks - just what I needed!