Help! Comodo is acting weird, I don't know what's going on!!

A few days ago I got a virus, CAV detected it and removed it successfully. But since that day Comodo started acting weird.
1.A lot of processes in my computer are being reported as “couldn’t be recognized”, with high level security threats such as “attempting to modify registry key” and some other things I don’t remember. It’s starting to scare me because that didn’t happen before and sometimes the “unrecognized” files come from system32.
2.Additionally, a game I have on my computer stopped working correctly, every time I try to execute the game Defense+ blocks one of it’s core *.exe files instantly. It is being logged with the Flag “Access memory”, and also I just noticed the Target: “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe”. That was very unusual, so I tried different settings on Defense+ (I always have it on “Safe Mode”) but the results were always the same. I even temporarily disabled Defense+ but the game still wouldn’t start. Everything was exactly the same except that now it didn’t show up on the logs because D+ was disabled.
3.My AV scan is not working correctly either, but that has been for weeks now, I get Error Code: 0x800705aa.
Because of the reasons described on point 3 and 1, I decided to uninstall COMODO and reinstalled again, and this time I included the “Secure DNS” feature on the instalation. It was after this that I noticed problem # 2 (I’ve been wondering if secure DNS has something to do with #2 because it’s an online game)

run malwarebytes antimalware free version. for at least a second opinion.

what has it been for a virus that you got?

If MBAM won’t help then try Hitman Pro.

how you got the virus?

Do you still suffer from " A lot of processes in my computer are being reported as “couldn’t be recognized” after having reinstalled CIS?

You removed CIS completely then install it or just reinstall/repair it from program feathers for win 7/vista also know as uninstall prograaams or something similar in XP?

I had a similar problem (If not the same one) 2 times before on 2 different computers Just try a complete Uninstall and Then install it ;D

If it didn’t work check your CIS configuration (Internet Security, Proactive, Firewall, ETC…)

If that also didn’t work try installing CIS which will help the next Operation
-Do a system restore to the time before the Problem Occur, Good LUCK! :slight_smile:

Ahmed Ali