Help - Comodo Firewall pop-ups driving me crazy

Hello team,
I have searched and read faq’s but didn’t find a started guide or installation guide that helped me, apologies in advance if I have missed some relevant info.
I have recently installed the firewall, and have Proactive defense and Newtwork defense both set to Safe Mode. When I install new software, or when I am downloading an update, e.g. for Avira Antivir, I get about 20+ popups asking me what to do. I just had Avira updating and it went on for 10 minutes, with pop-ups every 2-3 seconds, it drives me crazy.
I always have, ‘allow’, and always have ‘remember this setting’ activated. Despite this, even though (for example, in the case of Avira Antivir) Avira is clearly on each of the pop-ups, and Avira is listed under my trusted software applications, I am getting ridiculous amounts of pop-ups. When running Superantispyware recently it was a similar scenario.
Could you please signpost me to a starter guide or help me with my configuration, many thanks.

Here are my details:
XP pro home user, single laptop with no network, Netgear router, 80GB HDD, 1GB ram, Comodo firewall with sandbox switched off, stealth ports set to ‘Define a network and block for everyone else’, Avira Antivir, all current updates.

That’s all the information I can think of. I have installed Comodo firewall because in it is rated as the most secure. Previously I used Windows firewall and was getting a few bugs, so after a recent cleanup decided to move ‘up the scale’.
Finally I am not an IT professional but a reasonably competent home user, comfortable with general pc maintenance.

Many thanks in advance, Grest.

what you saw proved, that avira has now many update servers.

when in the future a very trusted programm of yours has many adresses to possible connect to, choose in the question window
“treat this application as OUTgoing only”, “remember my answer”.

then you get all requested packets.

or to be more accurate: you can allow tcp OUT and udp OUT for that programm.
thats all the job for this example.

only servers need INgoing rules, or maybe in networks. but thats another story.

Hey Clockwork!

Many thanks for your reply. I just had Avira updating, and had to deal with a half dozen prompts. Unfortunately I did that before reading your answer.

I will report back in a day or two to confirm how I get on.

I came to Comodo for the great rep and solid security. didn’t expect SO MANY pop-ups. Like anything, once you get the hang of it it’s easy (easier)

Finally, where are the ‘getting started’ or set-up guides?

Cheers, Grest!!!