Help... Comodo Antivirus can't be uninstalled

I tried to install Comodo Antivirus, but computer died during install and now i cannot remove the program and its not working (strangely enough huh? :wink: )

I tried to remove it manualy and can remove everything exept 2 files (CavSheI.dll and CavAUD.exe) and theese seems to remake the folders i removed… i even tried to reinstall the program but it wont let me do it without uninstalling the other version first?!

I cannot do a rollback since i disabled this feature in windows (yeah i know… stupid)

is there ANYTHING i can do to get this uninstalled again?!

there’s nothing stupid in disabling system restore - mine is disabled too… :-))))))) as for your problem - try booting into safe mode (when your computer starts, start pressing F8 until you get to the black screen with the choice to boot your system in safe mode) and remove files from there. If this doesn’t help - there are some tools that command Windows to delete file upon the next reboot, you can try one of these (never tried, but there should plenty, even HijackThis does it as far as i know)

Hmmmm? What a coincidence! Two days ago, the exact same thing happened to me and up to now, I still can’t get rid of it on windows xp.

I originally uninstalled it using add/remove programs, when I loaded my new antivirus program, Comodo antivirus v.1.0 continually pops up, it blocks every window I open, when I click cancel on the Comodo box that pops up, the screen locks, or it takes more than 30-60 seconds to go away, or, it just keeps switching from one error message to another, then back to the Comodo start box.

Also, the Comodo antivirus program will not go away from the add/remove programs list.

I then tried reinstalling it, whatever files Comodo originally installed, including updates will not delete. I’ve tried to copy and paste the files from program search to a word program in order to paste here in this post, it will not paste. There arew approximately 50 or so Comodo CAV files.

I’ve downloaded six different registry programs including Hijackthis, no good. Alot of programs wont even show Comodo.

I returned to Add/Remove programs again, now, mysteriously, Comodo is not there, but under Search Programs, theres tons of files, including many in my Documents which will not delete.

This is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ■■■■ COMODO! Your software may be good, even great at times, but this is costing us valuable time, money and a lack of protection for my computer.