help! cmdagent hogging cpu usage !

Hi all ,

I have this issue where cmdagent hogs 25% of the cpu .
On some computers it goes above 40%. What is this process doing ? and why constant 25% hog ?

Im running comodo endpoint security version 8.0.331872.4271

regards ,


Hello damatmoekrim,

Not sure if you have already solved this, I had this issue on the CESM Server sometime back too, actually both cmdagent and antivirus takes turn to hog system resources. rebooting, Uninstalling and reinstalling doesnt help. So i contacted comodo support for this.

I cannot remember the root cause described by support, i remember it is due to a large log file created and then being ‘scanned’ but as the log file is appended all the time, cmdagent keeps scanning. Not sure what they did but after a few remote sessions with comodo support it was fixed.

I have the same problem. Had the geekbuddy login. He setup a new policy to ignore Exchange and SharePoint. He said once the policy took effect the issue would go away. It’s about 2 hours later, the new policy is applied and cmdagent.exe is still using 12-20% CPU usage. :-\

Windows Small Business Server 2008

I kind of got frustrated the tech support guy and just removed the antivirus. The server is 5 years old but it still runs really fast. At least until I installed the CESM antivirus. When I get some time in the future I’ll try it again.