Help!!! CIS4 won't work for me

I have a problem with windows intaller package (msi) every time when try to run one of these ones I get an error :cry: cis3 works just fine but cis4 uses one of those windows intaller package my operating system is windows xp

Can anyone help me please? please? please? hhheeeellllllllpppp!!! :β€˜( :’( :β€˜( :’( :β€˜( :’( :β€˜( :’( :cry:

Update to Windows Installer 4.5 (WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe).

Sorry to rain on your bread but that didn’t work my problem is with the servce of windows installer it stopped and won’t work I even tried to start it and sorry because I rianed on your bread does it still taste good?

Any errors in the Logbook?

I think so but my error says this error can happen either if you are in the safe mode or you didn’t install windows installer correctly

Run > eventvwr.msc > System β€” Any errors?

Run > services.msc β€” Is DCOM Server Process Launcher started? Is Windows Installer set to Manual? Also required (for many services): Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

I am not going to make that call I think I am going to say good bye when CIS4 final comes out but can you convert CIS4 from MSI to EXE please or at least make one installer with EXE and the other with MSI please please please

Sounds like a CIS V4 bug report or maybe even a wishlist request to me at best, seems a few others had the problem you’re having, good luck with your request. :wink: