help cant get comodo firewall to reinstall, times out


my tosiba notebook died

i put my ssd in another hp dv6 old notebook.

windows detected (10) 64bit, all good

but firewall fails to start, error message, it cant fix it, uninstall coodo programs failes too.

i manually uninstalled it , n cleaned with i/o uninstaller

deleted program files folder commodo etc…

but tim trying to install, just says time out with basic error message code.

windows 10, internet ok, no spyware, virus etc, just trnsfer windows ssd to 2nd hand old notebook
(same ideo card in my old nold ded notebook, was free notebook, all good 16g ram2tb samsung 860 evo etc…

also i install commodo on my customer comuters too, but i have 2 old pcs, that have free zone alarm, that fail can install your softwar, but failsto run at startup, im forced to put back zonealarm in windows 7 mahines.

p.s for my problem, win 10 64bit, swap ssd to 2nd pc, comodo dies at startup, the fix option fails, i tried to uninstall, fails, tried to i/o uninstaller it fails, i manually rename things and delete folder …

yay, then run i/o uninstaller and it cleans reg remains.

now i cant install it says times out?, i tried the 64bit uninstaller may times, runs then drops rom memory. which is why i manyually uninstall it…

You might need to try and run the older uninstaller mentioned in this post:;msg920161#msg920161


Thank you for reporting.
Kindly use the below ciscleanuptool to uninstall CFW completely (Note: Use the corresponding ciscleanuptool bit type according to your system bit type.)
Then install CFW from the below link and check.;msg906599#msg906599
Kindly let us know your feedback.



doing now

keep popup up to send report in win 10, win 7??? cant install

(i did a restore point in windows 10, to when it was ported over, wh fi card is diffferent (my ntel card wont wor on dv6 hp, blacklist.


Thank you for reporting.
Were you able to install Comodo firewall version now ?
If not may i know what happened ?
Any related screenshot ?