HELP! BOAttack on MSOffice2010

As of 12-22-2011 all components, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, of MSOffice 2010 report this and then are shut down when I try to save a file.
I am told Comodo has ‘isolated’ the program and am given a choice to ‘Terminate’ or ‘Skip’ some of the time. If I ‘Skip’ I then I will have the same problem the next time.

I rolled back the Win7 OS to before this happened with same result.
Repaired Office, with same result,
Uninstalled Office 2010 and reinstalled with same result.
The reinstalled files should be safe as they just came off the CD, should they not?
So, why is Comodo still ‘isolating’ files these files from straight off the CD?
I have work that needs to be done but can not until this is fixed.

I find lots about this but no 1, 2, 3 solution. What is the ‘Do 1, 2, 3,’ answer.

I have run the obligatory MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, as well as having the usual AV and Malware running, but I really do think this is something they would catch.

The buffer overflow alerts are merely stating the fact that the program caused a buffer overflow, which can be exploited. It isn’t saying there is an actual exploit.

CIS will continue to flag these as long as the programming issue exists.

If you trust your Office files, you can go to Defense+ → Computer Plus Settings → Execution Control Settings, and add them to the Exclusions for buffer overflow protection.

Thank you, will do.
This is a new install and started almost immediately upon install.
If one cannot trust files that were just installed from the OEM Office CD then what files do you trust?

Have had buffer overflows since buying my first PC in 1986, but did not have Comodo to tell me about it!

As I mentioned, a buffer overflow isn’t necessarily malicious. It’s just a programming error. It can be exploited, but that doesn’t mean it is being exploited.

I’m sure you don’t have anything to worry about from Office.