help!! blank notes

i’m trying to look at notes i have created in I vault but all I get is a grey screen where my information should be.

I have entered the master password correctly and I vault was working before, now all I am getting is a grey screen (screen capture attached)

Any ideas anyone, please!!


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  I am getting the same problem, but with all my entries, when i select a card the screen to the right is blank although it was working before. i noticed this after surfing for a while, i then opened i-vault to see why it wasn't autofilling my saved logins. thats when i noticed it. This happens after surfing for about 30 minutes. Then when i close the browser window i was using, i open task manager to see that i-vault suddenly started using over 180mb of memory and rising. But when i close and exit i-vault it goes back to normal and the screen shows up again.
                                                                                                  someone please reply,

I, too, have the problem of a blank card. I have just installed and started using IV, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. ??? I have IE integration set, and the logon fields show color, but nothing shows up in the card field. I have manually entered logon information, and selected “Finish” to save, but still, the card is blank. :cry:

I do not, however, have any problems with the master password working incorrectly, nor have any of the cards ever worked. Not sure what the problem is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To update my previous post, as I keep trying to figure i-Vault out ~

After having had the computer off over the weekend, i-Vault retained none of the blank cards previously noted. It did keep the Master Password, and Preferences.

I changed the Pref’s away from the “Recommended” for it to automatically create cards based on my typed-in logins, to the “Interactive,” requiring prompts.

This has made a difference. I have to give i-Vault a few seconds once reaching a website, to recognize the need for a login, and prompt me to create the card. It saves all the information, and populates the fields the next time I access the website.

Regarding the previous post, the only way to edit the cards was by right-clicking the card in the tree, and selecting “Edit.” The Edit button/icon would not work. Now that I’m using the Interactive version instead of the automatic, it works just fine.

Here’s a little tidbit, however - yesterday when I logged onto Windows, i-Vault automatically came up on the desktop; today, it did not.