Help - ApplicUnwnt@#3w1np9kwzamnu Detected today 07th August 2017

CIS found ApplicUnwnt@#3w1np9kwzamnu in:
C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\Cache\Arm_001824237067_6360296441936100232458931331860774834.msi

Both are in quarantine and have been submitted.

I don’t know what to do next. They appear to originate from Windows Installer and from Adobe.

I have Adobe reader installed on my PC and Adobe ARM I think is an Adobe Reader auto updater program?? Am I to assume that CIS has identified these wrong [false positive]?

How will I know if I can restore these files back to their original location?

I use CIS on my PC but when it comes down to knowing what everything means and does I’m a complete novice.

Any help if explained in simple terms would be most welcome.

These are most likely false positives and you can report them here following guidance from this post.

Thanks for your response Futuretech.

Do I need to submit again as I have already submitted them from the Quarantine window by placing a check mark by each suspect file and clicking on the “Submit” button.

How or when will I know if these files are safe to restore back to their original positions?

Seeing as you have already submitted the files then you won’t get a response from comodo to let you know if the detection is a fp and has been fixed or if it is an accurate detection. Only thing you can do now is restore the files and perform a scan again after updating the AV database to see if it gets detected again.