I am naren from this forum.

I created a new id yesnoo here today as my other accounts on other forums is yesnoo.

I changed my wilders username too to yesnoo.
There I came to know that if I had told them they would have changed my earlier account to yesnoo.
I have requested them if its still possible then plzz change my earlier username to yesnoo.

Is this possible here?

Moderators can change members’ user name. The profile’s URL will not change.
Multiple accounts are not permitted (§7).

You can change your username yourself.


I have already made an account as yesnoo so I am not able to pick this name for my current account.
Hope mods can do this.
Sorry for the trouble.

Change the other account, then change your current one to the one you want, which you should have done the first place.


I think if mods delete my new yesnoo account & change my earlier account naren to yesnoo, that would be good.
Coz wilders did that & all my previous posts now has yesnoo as name that I liked.

So hope here too it happens that way.

Again, sorry for the trouble.
But plzz if its possible then I request you to delete my new yesnoo account & change my account naren to yesnoo.

Please note we do not delete accounts.

Account name change and banned.

Rest is up to you.