Hello, I’m new to the forum and hope to find answers to security issues that I’ve experienced. My computer is not on a network, and I never have any need for remote desktop or remote assistance. I’ve kept these features disabled since I’ve owned my pc, and had always depended on Norton to keep me safe from all threats. Unfortunately, I was a victim of fraud after someone had somehow gotten into my computer, stole my financial information, and left my bank account with a balance of -$2000.00! Luckily it was all cleared up, but now I’m terrified to make any kind of transaction or even check my bank statement online. I won’t say a lot about the problems that I’ve had with resource hog…oops, I mean, Norton antivirus except that they were many and that Norton is very much overrated (In my personal opinion).

Panda’s online Activescan found a trojan and or root kit and there were many other things changed on my pc that I found my self in local security policies. In fact, there were so many things changed and software disabled that I had no choice but to backup what I could and reformat my pc. This time I’ve installed Comodo Firewall and have been using it for a couple of months now. I have to say that I wish I’d have known about Comodo a long time ago. I still don’t understand how such high quality software can be free!!?? I have tried ZA and PC tools firewalls in the past, but I just didn’t feel that they were right for me. However, I still have some questions about some of the features and functions of CFP, and I’m sure I’ll find them here on the forum.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone and explain a little about why I’m here.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Glad your happy with Comodo. There are several tons of free security programs out there. Avast Home Anti Virus is great and compliments Comodo well. Consider using Firefox with the No Script plugin to make online transactions more secure. What are you using for an av now? I use Avira Premium 8 which is actually one of the top av’s out there. You can also Sandbox your browser when you do online transactions and make it so secure that only certain programs can get in or out. I have never been the victim of identity theft. I never give my email to anybody or anything. Along with a good av like I mentioned scan once a week with SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes. Also use CCleaner to clean up cookies and temp files. Never use Internet Explorer also.

Hello Grumman,

Welcome to Comodo! I’m sorry about what happened with your bank account and am glad you were able to clear everything up! Some people aren’t as lucky and can’t clear up the fraud and they get nailed for it :frowning:

If you’re looking for an antivirus application, avast! (free for non-commercial use), Kaspersky, and many others are available for free or an affordable price. Many users have switched from Norton to Comodo with one of the other antivirus products and have never looked back. Norton grabs customers because of the OEM bundle, so many customers do not actually know how bad the software is, you’re one of the more literate users who took time to actually look for other solutions, and guess what, you found better solutions to the problem :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask, that’s how we all learn, don’t worry if you think it’s a stupid question, because the only stupid question, is a question not asked :slight_smile:


Wellcome to the forums Grumman (:WAV)

How did the Malware get on your computer?Dont answer if you dont wish,just your experience may help others from falling into the same situation.



Welcome to the Forums!! :slight_smile: Just regarding Sandbox, Comodo Sandbox with CFP 3 is going to be out soon, This will make CFP 3 even more powerful and quitter (Obviously the competitor is Sandboxie)

I hope you look forward too it!


offtopic: Can you call it a stupid question when it is actually never asked??

Okey, I understand the point you making, though it is ■■■■ funny!

And Grumman, you chose for Comodo on the right time, if you need security than you are on the right place!

okey, Have a nice day!


I also am looking forward to Comodo’s Sandbox. (R)

Thanks for the kind welcome, everyone.
Well, I’m running Windows XP Pro and a friend recommended AVG antivirus. I haven’t had any issues with it thus far and my pc seems to run smoother now that Norton is no longer running. I also have Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware 2008, Windows defender, and Java Cools Spyware Blaster installed. I use “Hijack this” when I suspect something has gotten past all of these programs, but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out the results of the scans.

As far as how the malware got into my machine… well, I’m not sure. I have teens that have friends over often and both of the pc’s we have are used quite a lot. I visit Gibson Research Corporation (grc.com) often and use their “Shields up” feature to test my pc’s configuration for vulnerabilities. The test revealed that there are four of my systems first 1056 ports open which are, port 21=file transfer protocol (FTP), port 22=SSH Remote Login Protocol, port 23=Telnet, and port 80=web HTTP protocol.

GRC suggest that “Telnet” is not a good service port to be offering over the web and that, “immediate action should be taken to shut down, protect, or hide this service from the Internet.”
I’m not sure if “SSH Remote Login Protocol” is something that is left open by default in Windows or whatever, but it doesn’t seem very safe to me, and I am assuming that port 80 has to be open in order to gain access the internet?

As you can probably tell I’m not real savvy at how some things work, and for that reason I don’t know how to close off potentially dangerous ports on my computer. Now, I know that Comodo can do this but I’m not sure how to do it myself safely, and without messing something up?

I would appreciate any help with this. :slight_smile:


Spybot and Ad-Aware are old,out dated and useless in todays world. SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes Anti Malware are great. AVG isn’t all that good so if you want good free protection get Avast. If you want even better protection get Avira Premium 8. As far as the Shields Up it will check your hardware firewall first. Do you have a router or modem with a hardware firewall built in? If not a router is a good cheap investment. If money is an issue simply open up Comodo and go to Firewall/ Stealth my ports.Select the option to “block all incoming connections”. Hope this helps. One more note. AVG lack a web shield where as Avast conatins one. A web shield can stop nasty’s before you even download them.

I cant say that I agree here with you Vettetech. If we look to independend av comparisons then you can see that AVG has execellent detection rates! I agree that the heuristic technology of AVG can be better, but AVG has been improved significantly since the last 7.5 version.

True but I am trying to make him as secure as he can be and AVG lacks a web shield. Go to the eicar site and AVG will et you download any of those files. With Avast you get a big warning and sirens go off. Makes me feel safer. :BNC

Yes you are right Vettetech, it is indeed to bad that the new AVG Free doesn’t have a webshield! But they do have a safesearch option, wich is actually the technology of linkscanner. Yes indeed the webshield is an option to think about when comparing Avast and AVG. But AVG does has multiscanning engine wich does a scan for both spyware and virusses and it is enhanced for multicore processors. SO you are protected for both spyware and virusses. And you all know AVG uses the database of ewido and that database recognizes for over more than 1 million variants of spyware!

But Vettetech hmmmm indeed you have a point there with the webshield.

have a nice day!


If CFP3 is an all singing and dancing security,as is claimed,why is it necessary to recommend a AV to go with it.
Surely it is unnecessary.

I do not agree with you. CFP 3.0 could be considerd as first line of defense (including a hardware firewall). Because it is based on prevention. If somehow the first defenseline has been crossed (just clicking allow for example) than you need detection! This can be considerd as a second line of defense. Detection is being carried out by an antivirus/antispyware product of your choice.

So Vettetech has indeed a point. And you have to remember this: It is never stupid or useless to add extra layer of protection to your pc, BUT it is stupid and useless to remove extra layer of protection.

okey, have a nice day!


Comodo is a firewall and a behavior blocker. You still need an av with any firewall. Think of Comodo as the prevention and a good av as the cure. Comodo can make you aware of an infection but it cannot cure it. It is highly necessary to have an av. Comodo cannot cure an infection nor can any other firewall or HIPS program. Its can only make you aware of it but its up to you to do something about it. When you go to the Dr and he tells you that you have an infection is it up to him to cure it. No. Thats why he gives you medicine to cure your infection.

Comodo = Prevention

AV = Cure

Well,you learn something every day.


Yep Vettetech is right.

And indeed rambo: everyday is a learning experience, I could not agree more with you!

Have a nice day!


Why thank you. I am just a pc user like you guys but I have learned alot through the years and now fix pc’s on the side. (R) (CLY)