Hello guys I need help!

Hello guys, maybe I am within the wrong section (if I am please mods, move this topic to the designated section.)
Okay about the problem, i’ve started using this browser 2 weeks ago, everything’s cool & smooth, but I can’t make this one Default browser, I do have the button and I click it… but it’s still the same, chrome’s still default… so please guys if someone has experience with problem like this, please help me!
Thanks in advance!

which browser is “this browser”

Umm isn’t this Comodo dragon’s forum? by “this” I meant Comodo dragon cause this would be the forum I am posting to :smiley:

It isn’t, this is the General sub-forum of the Comodo forum, the following link is to Comodo Dragon sub-forum but don’t worry about it, this thread will probably be moved to the right place. Comodo Dragon - CD - Comodo Forum

ill move it to the correct place for you

Hi and welcome cikopp,
Try setting Dragon as default through ‘Windows default programs’.
Depending on your operating system this can be accessed from Windows start menu or from Windows control panel.
Change which programs Windows uses by default-Microsoft

Kind regards.

First of all, I am thankfull that you’ve moved the topic to the right place!
Umm I can’t find the Comodo Dragon exe within the “windows default programs”

Open Dragon’s Settings and look towards the bottom. You will find a button to make Dragon your default browser. Does that do the trick for you?

Is this an installed version or a portable version of Dragon?

well the browser’s installed normally, it’s not portable. Anyway I am clicking the button that should make this browser default but doesn’t work, I just click it and nothing happens, I’ve just downloaded the browser from it’s official site and installed it as every browser should install, I’ve tried with the windows default programs, but can’t find the CD’s exe there.

Hi cikopp,
It appears Dragon has not registered itself under ‘Default’ programs and I am sorry I am not sure why?
I suspect some type of permission issue has occurred.
What is your operating system?

You could try setting another browser as default, then try to reset Dragon as default.
You could try re-installing, running the installer with elevated privileges (Run As Administrator).
A messy workaround could be to attempt to set all appropriate file associations and protocols with Dragon.

Apart from the above, I am not sure what else to suggest.

Kind regards.

Try reinstalling Dragon. Run the installer and choose the repair option. Does that make a difference?