Hello everyone

Hello im sebastiaan from the netherlands im a new Reseller for comodo i have first working for McAfee SECURE and now for comodo (CLY)


Hi! Visit my website/blog: http://my-leaked-thoughts.spaces.live.com/ !
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;D Ok, some of this is an ad. :-[

So, do you have a website which “resells” Comodo stuff?

Hi Countryman.
Why reseller when Comodo is free?

Hoi Sebastiaan,

Welkom op het forum.

I assume he is Reselling Certificates for Comodo…

@Ronny yes thats right

im reselling the paid Comodo Certificates

thanks for your replay where you from holland im from the north (friesland)

yes i have more than one :wink:

Hello sebastiaan!

Welcome to the AWSOME comodo forum. (:LOV) (:LOV)

Lets see if you are any good… :wink:

Why should I buy a SSL certificate from comodo? :smiley:

because :comodorocks:

Welkom op de forums, als je vragen hebt, vergeet dan niet ze te stellen :slight_smile:


I already knew that you could sell comodo…
But I wanted to see the new guy in action!

Anyway agree :comodorocks: :comodorocks:

You could put a rock band like metalica on stage and a computer running Comodo in a silent room…

All the headbangers and hardcore rockers would be at the computer with comodo since it rocks just a little bit more than a metalica concert! :smiley: :wink:

Have you ever been to a Metallica Concert ?

I’ve been to an alien aponictisetie concert. :BNC

Huh ???


Greetings and welcome here.

Translating from the alien’s Implutin language to English can be a bit rough. :slight_smile:

Hey that was a great answer FaZio93. Really funny hehe. I like it.

Welkom hier op de forums…

I’d hate to meet your English teacher. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOLOLOLOL… he would hate to see me use LOLOL and alikes…;D