Hello, everybody, I have one question that tortures me about that NSA thing...

I saw here that Comodo is one of 4 products from which Leaked files from state-sponsored hackers reveal which protection their trojans can’t get past:

But what If you look at the “Echelon NSA Group” they were using undetectable hard drive firmware rootkits to get persistence-can Comodo protect against this at all???

As well as this:

I’m not an expert, so I won’t write anything, I’m simply curious that’s all.

Also, I have repeteadly reading that what Comodo needs is an anti-exploit-any plans for this?

Big thanks to everyone, I hope I didn’t take too much time, most of the time I only read Comodo’s forums (when I have time), I’m not writing anything, but this thing with NSA and this hard drive rootkit and spyware really worries me, hmmm…

Both the NSA hack as the Hacking Team hack require physical access to a computer or possibly remote access. The latter would find CIS protection mechanisms as a tough opponent.