Hello Comodo, I'm back

So, I bought my first ever computer (Netbook) in December 08 and installed a Firewall and AV that were recommended by friends. I’m not going to complain or compare, they did the job.

I then read the Matousec Security Challenge when it first came out and the 100% rating for Comodo Internet Security was enough to convince me it was time for a change, or a test at least.
I admit that I was also looking for a bit of excitement, the fun of installing something new and playing with it.

I was very happy with CIS for almost 2 weeks, then I got all the excitement I could handle and then some. Yep, I got caught up in the nasty database debacle.
Obviously I am no ‘expert’ or even an experienced user but fortunately I ‘stumbled’ on a solution after 6 hours of stress, that solution was Safe Mode and uninstall Comodo. I still didn’t realize the Comodo database was the problem but since I couldn’t use Comodo to scan for a virus (error message) it was of no use to me at the time and so I decided to uninstall it with Revo Uninstaller, after a restart things were better. Pheeeeeeew
I am sure you understand why I wasn’t in a rush to reinstall Comodo again.
I went back to my old Firewall and AV setup.

I have been reading this forum, which was at times unpleasant to say the least, looking for any other ‘problems’ and today I decided that it was time to install CIS again. So …

Hello Comodo, I’m back :-TU

To those who went through that mess:
I hope all is as good as it can be and you did not suffer too much or lose too much.
What you do from here on in is your decision alone but I am giving Comodo another chance.

To the Comodo team:
What can I say that you haven’t already heard and don’t already know.
I am sure there has been a lot of stress there as well, I hope things are running smoothly again and look forward to reaping the benefits of your commitment to your work.

To those few on the forum who would lecture the ‘average user’ on what we should have done etc:
Please don’t be inconsiderate, we are not dumb, just inexperienced.
Help and Support are what these type of forums are about.

All the best, woz of oz

Hi wozofoz ! The fact that you turned your attention towards Comodo and gived CIS another chance sais something about you. I think maybe in your search for the best free security solution you realized that CIS is the best. Now indeed there are bugs, errors, etc. but they will eventually be dealt with.
Comodo Internet Security is trully a inovative and groundbreaking security product and is based on Default Deny Protection theory wich is the correct way to protect your system.

I’m not saying more, just start your search and educate yourself about Default Deny Protection theory and you will see that this is something that no other antivirus protection software has !

You can start your search on YouTube were you will find many instructive and comprehensive videos.

Also I think this will help you get started:


                                                                                              Be safe !


Welcome back Woz.

To those few on the forum who would lecture the 'average user' on what we should have done etc: Please don't be inconsiderate, we are not dumb, just inexperienced. Help and Support are what these type of forums are about.

There’s a few clowns in every circus. The vast majority on these forums are here to both learn and help. Ignore the rest.

Ewen :slight_smile:

wozofoz- I saw this post and thought to myself ‘there just couldn’t be more than 1 woz of oz !!’ and as soon as I saw your avatar I knew that I was right! Welcome back to Comodo my friend! I first installed CIS 3.8 back in May and I’m still learning new things about how adept it is all of the time. Most recently I was finally able to shut off Vista UAC when I learned that Defense+ HIPS was capable of doing a much better job and that made me very happy. Its great that you are back with Comodo again!


Woz of Oz. Glad you have decided to come back. Comodo is a leader in security and with our help and comments, the Comodo community will learn more about the product and security in general and the dev’s will be able to improve an already great product.


:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU