Hello-CAV-goodbye-CAV experience

I always avoided Comodo Antivirus because of the number of false positives reported on the forum, so I only install the firewall. However, upgrading to Windows 7 made Comodo see fit to repair its install. When it did it also installed the antivirus.

IMMEDIATELY upon reaching the desktop after restart, CAV reported GBATA, a Gameboy Advance ROM information tool.

File: gbata.exe
CRC-32: 09fe5a11
MD4: 0f1d76a18e1d0ba264336c0a77ff3979
MD5: fad2a62cf3fac41464f37a1930efa7e3
SHA-1: d02dd63a91b279e1b3bba2e91ede0c92bfdc0731

The program may have other versions with different hash checks aswell.

CAV was banished on the next restart.

Hi Searinox,

The reported FP is being verified and it will be fixed after verification.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi Searinox,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 1798.