Heavy CPU-usage on some websites

Since I have updated Comodo Dragon to the latest version (I’m not completly sure from which version I came), I notice some performance-issues on certain websites while those websites work just fine in Google Chrome.

The effect is most noticable at http://earth.nullschool.net/
A fast look in the task engine shows a cpu-usage of 52%, while Chrome on exactly the same page only uses 6 or less. Chrome on the other hand, uses much more GPU-memory.

Going to the page incognito didn’t have any effect. It also used to work perfect before the update.

And to be clear; this isn’t the only page I have problems with, there are other (I can’t name them now) pages which are working way better in Chrome.

I cannot confirm on Windows /.1 x64. Please try cleaning cache and restarting Dragon and see if that makes a difference or not.