Dear Forum and Comodo Staff,

I’d like to express a wish.

I wish CPF v3 wouldn’t be too heavy on the system!

What do you think about that?


Hi ho, Niko!

Have you checked the Beta Corner? It’s great…


Thank you Soya!

I found an answer at page of link you mentioned.

Have a nice day

Niko (V)

We all agree on this, and I am sure the Comodo-gang also agree to this! Of course they want a program that don’t suck resources, and I am sure they work hard to fix it.

And they are on a good way to do it…according to the link that Soyo gave you.

Indeed. Melih kept his eye opened on this topic since here:

But cpu usage is more of a concern than ram usage.

Agreed, cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe combined, consume around 16Mb of RAM on my system. As numerous others reported, however, cpu usage continues to be a random annoyance.