HDHomeRun and UDP Flood

I just installed HDHomeRun, which is a network based video tuner for HDTV. Unfortunately, Comodo Firewall (which I loved up to this point) sees the HDHR activity as a DDOS Attack UDP Flood. After reading many posts of similar problems with other tuner cards and also network gaming, apparently the only solution suggested right now is to increase the UPD Flood traffic rate which triggers the alert. Any rules or trusted zone definition do not work.

This means that the raised threshhold is across the board. You cannot define a limit by IP or zone, which which means you have to loosen your security for everything. Even if that were acceptable, I raised my threshhold to the limit: 2000 packets / second for 2000 seconds and it still did not help. The only thing that I could do to get my HDHR to get through was to turn off the firewall.

I have reverted to using the Windows XP firewall (bad). Luckily, this PC only functions as a HTPC for recording/watching TV. Still, I would much rather use Comodo.

If I am totally missing something or I have overlooked a solution posted somewhere, please let me know.

Welcome to the forum, Ferris.

You’re right: The adv atck detect. settings are global. It has been requested in the wishlist to have an option to disable it altogether.

Have you tried tweaking with the other settings in the same screen, such as set the probing rate to the max and CFP to stay in emergency mode for just 1 second ;D?

Thanks Soya,

The minimum time to stay in emergency mode is 10 seconds. Anyway, when the tuner can’t get a signal, recording software just figures there is no broadcast and terminates that recording. Even if it could be set for one second and keep the recording from stopping, there would be another trigger right away so you might get one frame recorded every second.

I tried changing the accepted probe rate but that really is testing for someone scanning a bunch of different ports looking for a vulnerable one. That really wouldn’t help even if you could turn it all the way off.

I’ll just cross my fingers and watch when my other PC says Comodo updates are available. Hopefully it will get fixed in a future release.


Just to be sure, you should post this in the wishlist in detail. :wink:

has this feature been added yet?

In CFP v3, I think it can now be set to 1 second. Not sure if 0 second works though :-\