Having Trouble Viewing Fullscreen Youtube Videos

Hi there,

One thing I am not liking in CD is having trouble View Full screen Videos when Looking at YouTube.

I have notice this happen in the Last Build of Dragon, and the same for this Build of Dragon 29.1

Here what does happen? I go to View a Video on YT and all working real good in the normal view size. However, I select Full screen the Video that I was viewing Stops! So then after 5 to 10 later I audio but the sound is Jumpy. Therefore, at that point I choose to view the Video is a lower frame rate I.E. from 360 to 260 or lower than the Video starts jumping again. So then I push the Video back to the Start and after a good 10 secs the Video starts then stops, so I have to push it back again and press Play once again, and then it starts OK. It runs fine in a Very low frame rate speed and after a two mins, I try to make the video rate even better by moving it up. In addition, all goes well, but at times, I get an error saying Shockwave player has crashed. I do not have Shockwave Player installed. I only have the Flash installed and I notice that it has shockwave under that within settings.

So in the Mean time, I looked at my settings in CD and under Full screen, it has https://[*.]www.youtube.com:443 and set for Allow. I am not sure what is happing, or going on.

Therefore, I tried Google Chrome. In addition, I tried the same Video and all was working fine and all good in full screen. I even tried many other Videos in full screen and Videos in full HQ 1080 and full screen and not a single problem.

Therefore, I am puzzled to think what the difference Between GC and CD

I hope I have explained the best I could and it would be nice to get a solution

Thanks again



Hello Nigel,

Please try disabling hardware acceleration in Dragon’s and/or Flash Player’s settings and see if the issue reproduces.
You will find the hardware acceleration settings in the following locations:

  • Dragon - Settings>Show Advanced Settings>System (at the bottom of the settings page)
  • Flash Player - Right click a running Flash Player video>Settings>Display (first tab in the shown dialog)


Hi George-Silviu Blendea,

I did what you said and I disabled hardware acceleration settings I then tried a Video after ReLaunching CD and I tried a random Video and was all OK.

So I closed that Video then I tried a new one then after 4 seconds of Playing the Video it came up Shockwave Player has Crashed, then CD crashed and I got a messge on my screen saying Comodo Dragon has crashed and it was sending a Report to Microsoft. It done that twice.

When I got back onto CD and Comodo Fourm I got this message below>

Connection Problems

Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

So at that point I left it, and I still have hardware acceleration disabled.

Also I disabled enable hardware acceleration in Flash as well.

So after all those Problems I got back to Youtube and played a Video, and it would not start. I then changed the Quilty from 360 to 144 and moved the Video to the start and and it jumped a bit then got OK then I moved it back to 360 Manually to view the video better.

I hope this helps

George-Silviu Blendea



Hi again George-Silviu Blendea and everyone else who reads this.

I seem to have got things all set. As in I have no problems like a did early today.

So that is a Fix for this Issue I had George.

Now I have Use hardware acceleration when available = Disabled in CD

Also Under Flash player I have enable hardware acceleration= Disabled also for CD

I can now get Video in Full screen once again So now I’m happy :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help




I’m glad that the issue was solved.
Some follow up on your previous post:

  • You might also want to check your Flash Player version, just to make sure it’s up to date. Crashes could be caused by an outdated Flash Player version.
  • The SMF error message seems to be exactly what it says it is. The forum servers might have been down or too busy at that time.


Many Thanks for that George-Silviu Blendea

I understand about the SMF error, so all is good.

As for the Flashplayer Version I have 11.9.900.117 the last Stable version. There is a new one out which is in beta which is 11.9.900.149. But I am going to stick to what this page says. > https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

Thanks again