Having BSOD with Comodo Firewall.


A year ago I’d have issues with Comodo Firewall, that randomly makes BSOD’s. I opened a thread about this, but finally I give up and uninstalled Comodo Firewall.

Before I opened that thread, I’d have that issue for almost a year. I have the hope that with some update, maybe from Windows maybe from Comodo will be solved. Nothing of these happens and I gave up.

Yesterday, after almost a year without having Comodo Free Firewall installed, I tried again to give it an opportunity. Today, I have again another BSOD.

Obviously, there is something with my computer that doesn’t accept Comodo and makes BSOD, but I don’t figure out what.

The file that makes BSOD is “inspect.sys”.

I uploaded a Minidump to my dropbox.

Thanks in advance.

You will need to provide a full kernel memory dump by switching to kernel memory dump. Also provide a msinfo32 report by going to start type in msinfo32, then when it opens go to file menu and select export, give it a name and click save.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

The Msinfo32 file is here.

I will upload the dump when the next BSOD happens.

is it with windows 10 by any chance? Ive had non stop issues with comodo firewall since spring. it fully corrupts every driver for me now

That’s correct, I’m using Windows 10.