Have you seen the New Valkyrie? Amazing work!

OFF COURSE !!! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Valkyrie is already extensively tested by me ! :wink: Nice GUI … !!! Respect to the designers ! :-TU :-TU :-TU It is also very gratifying , that the maximum file size was significantly increased !!!

*** And I am happy , that this has been changed promptly ! Thank you !!! *** :-TU :wink:

Love the new UI :-TU

sry for !ot!

Saw, Analyze Multiple File with Unknown File Hunter and i downloaded the File Hunter.
Needed to login to Analayze the files with Valkyrie, so i entered my https://valkyrie.comodo.com user name and password and File hunter told me that: This CAM user have no valid license for Valkyrie.

Hi BlueTesla,

I’m sorry that you couldn’t use Unknown File Hunter. Can you please provide me your Valkyrie username? I’ll check.


have sent my email/login you in a personal Message.

I’ve also got an issue with my user credentials within Valkyrie/Unknown File Hunter.

I’ve successfully logged into Valkyrie and have downloaded and run the Unknown File Hunter. Once a Quick Scan was completed, it asked if I wanted to submit the unknowns to Valkyrie. I used the credentials I used to sign in to Valkyrie, but Unknown File Hunter reported “Provided username and password are not valid”.


Ewen :slight_smile:

Can you please send me your username ? I’ll check what’s wrong.


Really really glad that you guys increased max file size… but I see that file URL submission is still bad. I’m curios on why upload requires account at all (although I do use a free account; not everyone is interested in statistics). Is there any chance for a front-end where both Valkyrie and Web Inspector are presented? I was expecting something like that.
Anyway… congrats for your work.

I would like to see the website in other languages.)

The new UI is awesome. Very detailed, easy to navigate, the introduction of precise detectors is very good.

In general a Very “Advanced File Analysis System”.
Congratulations to the Development Team responsible for the development of this incredible online tool. :-TU

It’s very nice but… it seems to hang when submitting a file manually.
It uploads the file and then just sits there with those rotating colored dots verifying the file. No further progress ever happen.
I’ve tried the manual upload process with IE11 and Chromium and they both fail.

Unknown File Hunter appears to work fine though. :slight_smile:

With me, it also hangs at this point! ! But If you have upload a File , go back to Dashboard > Overview > Total Files queried ( maybe it takes 1 - 3 Minutes , always refresh the page from time to time ) . Now the file should be in the list .

Hi guys,

thank you for you kind words. Valkyrie team is dedicated to improve the engine and platform in any way possible. We’re taking your recommendations as top priority.

The upload problem is an issue we’re aware of. Not a simple to solve bug, the system is getting unresponsive for some cases after a while. The team is working on this.

Raven656: which language would you like to see most? or is this a general requirement?

windstorm: a totally logical request to have upload functionality without login needed. The team has this as a requirement with high priority and they will implement soon.

Okay, I shall try this again shortly. :slight_smile:
I shall note however that when I attempted to refresh the page, the browser wants to re-submit the data again… Which in turn would mean re-uploading the same file.
I’ll login to my Valkyrie and see if it’s there or not.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hello, fatih.orhan.
Probably for everyone who would like to see the website in their own language.