Have no idea if Comodo is protecting me or not

I normally use a router however due to connection issues I sometimes have to bypass my router and connect directly to the Internet. I have no idea if Comodo is allowing file and printer sharing on the WAN IP address when the router is not being used.

In other software firewalls it is easy to determine whether in fact the current interface/IP is trusted or not. In Comodo I am overwhelmed with menus and options.


I know how it feels to be ignored >:(–go to shields up


scroll down a little and click proceed the select common ports from the not too easy to see horizontal menu

Should there not be an easy way in Comdo to determine whether Comodo has automatically trusted a new network connection when in fact the connection should not be trusted?


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I would like to Answer your question if I can

All Network Zones Are Viewable If You Go
Firewall > My Network Zones
Your Blocked Network Zones Are Viewable If You Go
Firewall > My Blocked Network Zones

If You Are Looking For Application Policies (Software Connections/Rules) You May Go
Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy

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So you are saying that if I connect to my DSL provider without a router that Comodo will automatically put any new networks that I connect to into the My Blocked Network Zone without any intervention on my part ?


Stuff in the Blocked Zone is really Blocked.
Nothing is trusted automatically.
The only way to get a trusted zone is to create one and then you can use the
Zone as a way to simplify creating Firewall rules.
Or IIRC when the new network detected pop up gives the option to name a new network there is a sub option to trust.
I normally just close the window.
See Step 14 under Comodo Internet Security - Installation in the Help manual.

If you have run the Stealth Ports Wizard and chosen to stealth my ports to everyone.
and you haven’t created any custom Global rules for a server or torrent app and
you haven’'t purposefully created a Trusted Zone.
Then you will be quite invisible from the Net, when connected by just modem.

You can test Stealth at GRC website.

Look under Services > Shields Up and follow steps. for Common port scan.