Have just received Comodo Internet Security Premium 11 Beta - is it genuine?

I’ve just had an update (which had no change log in the Whats New section), to CIS Premium 11 beta (build
The upgrade went seamlessly which is good.


  1. Is it a genuine released beta build?
  2. What is new? What’s the changelog.

Best wishes,
Mike Diack

Yes announcement soon.

If you are using beta server, yes.

Waiting on final validation from team and will announce in next hrs.

#anxious ;D

I hate to say it, but you do need to have the release notes visible BEFORE you make the download active… What if my “anonymous” download had been rogue malware uploaded to the server, or there were known issues I should be aware of?

Usually the gap is not much, this time it has taken a bit longer.
Once we open update to public, we also have to test the way you will test, so there is always a time window between making it live and announcement.

Thank you for the patience. Here is the announcement for v6574 BETA:


Thanks very much,

If you’re concerned about this I would disable the automatic download and most certainly not blindly install. :-\

With beta testing there will always be rough edges like release notes not being immediately available or the update being on the download server before the release topic going live.