Have free CIS v8 should I upgrade to free CIS 10 ?

Have Comodo Internet Security 8.

I’m reluctant to upgrade. Everything is set up the way I like it and such. And this version is the evil I know. For instance the service cmdagent.exe leak memory over time. I work around the memory leaking by restarting comodo and its service.

New version new problems.
So is it worth it to replace v8 with v10?
I have Windows 7 64-bit.
Not thinking on upgrading to Windows 10 anytime soon. Unless my drunk alter-ego decides otherwise.

And thank spaghetti monster I don’t have SSD because comodo would have destroyed it by now. No I’m not bitter. Just honest.

You should definitely upgrade. To get a better picture, check resolved issues board. It’s much better compared to version 8. :slight_smile:

PS: I’m a W7 x64 user.