have comodo dns get verdicts from other dns services like DACS does for AV scans

i seen no place to post for comodo dns so i posted here

i don’t know if this is possible but it’s just an idea. if you can then why not. you guys already have super layered security methodology put it on steroids by taking your DACS idea and applying it to dns. then useres can have all av’s, and all dns services by choosing comodo

AV engine and dns server are two very different thing and other’s dns server cannot be used (but blacklist can).

i know they’re different but you couldn’t get the verdicts from other dns servers on the sites the user goes to

There is no cooperation with other DNS servers.

Why not… after all, it’s a blacklist that could be shared, isn’t it?

i’m not suggesting we use all dns servers. i’m suggesting we use comodo dns and the comodo dns servers get a modual put in that will submit sites to other dns servers and then comodo dns return verdicts to the user if any dns server finds the site to be bad. does that sound possible to do?

Why not? I don’t know. It was never mentioned there was such a thing as sharing black lists with other DNS service providers.

There is always the first time :wink:

I like the OP’s idea, too. If Melih knows and agrees, he will find a way.