have CAVS remove symptons of virus?

Hi everyone, I’m new here.
I’m super happy to see this feedback forum XD. Anyhow, I’ll get right to the topic. Is it possible to have CAVS remove the symptons/damages done by a virus? For example, I used to constantly get the virus W32.autorun, and even if I had a AV software, all it did was remove all the virus programs…but I’m stuck with one annoying problem: I can’t “show hidden files” (option “nullified” by registry settings). So then I had to google up reg keys and do annoying regedit procedures. I’m wondering if CAVS can “fix” these problems automatically when it finds/deletes a virus spotted on a machine?

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Many viruses when infecting a machine create their own files, but they are named very similar in name to fool the user.

However in many other cases malware does infect the actual system files and the only way to fix it is a repair. I believe there is a repair function in CAVS, you should try it, if it fails, then send it to quarantine. If CAVS is able to successfully repair the file, then it will be as if it were never infected. Many other antivirus programs offer this feature too.


I don’t mean to repair the infected virus, what I meant was to repair the “symptoms” the virus creates (take my experience with the W32.Autorun experience for example)

Your always going to have symptoms of a virus if the virus is still on your system and running. Personally I use the free version of SuperAntispyware to remove all leftover virus traces. It takes a while to scan your system upto an hour but is very good at finding every little extra bit of the virus which is probably still there in your System Restore.


I know what he/she meant. Many antiviruses just delete the actual virus program but don’t repair the damage done by it. For example. A virus was suposed to boot with the system. The antivirus deleted the virus but not the startup entry and you get an error while windows starts saying can’t find a file (the virus) that was suposed top start with windows.

He/She should run a thorough anti-spyware like SAS. Takes forever to do a full scan but very good at finding virus reminents.


One of the reasons I like Avast at the moment is the VRDB feature: VRDB stands for “Virus Recovery Database”; this basically uses saved information to repair damaged files/restore them to their original state when a virus is removed.

Hopefully CAVS 3 will have something like this one day…


We’re expecting a Beta release of CAVS 3 very soon.


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