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i try to download cis 10 at http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/1000/standalone/cispremium_only_installer.exe with ie,however,smart screen stopped it。how should comodo fix the problem?
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Maybe because it’s http and not https.
You can ignore the warning and download the file

well,i think that comodo should give us a explaination about that.
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If you download the file you can check its authenticity the following ways

1) Hash

CIS online installer should have:

MD5: 7d42dc0ef1eb95a1b668404087eeef70
SHA1: 2a259e6962f5df5a6cb4c25e0f7c7a716ddd1b0a

CIS Offline Installer should have:

MD5: 5e7a4de551efc2e8a3d4dfba8f3d4566
SHA-1: 44f33d9f8501f004ace7c45abfe17aca222604c3

You can use HashMyFiles Utility to calculate the hash of the setup file. If it matches with the one above, the file is OK.

2) Digital signature

Right-click on setup file for CIS, go to properties → Digital Signature and
double click on any line that says Comodo Security Solutions. You should see something like this:

i have just tried to download cis at this link for another 2 times. the first time i use ie,it was still blocked by smartscreen.the second time i tried it with another browser but it still failed ,it showed to me with “internal sever error”.we really hope comodo can fix the problem as soon as possible.
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This is a false positive detection of Microsoft Smart Screen.

For those who would like to do the honourable thing: How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors.

well,just as i mentioned in my last post that a new problem has come out,i can no longer download anything at the link even with other browsers.it always appears “internal sever error” whenever i try to open the download link.but if i use ie to open the download link,smartscreen would tell me that the website is not safe.as i have heard from comodo staff in the past that comodo has cdn servers all over the world.and i fully believe that smartscreen would never stop me from download directly from comodo 's own server,that’s just what happend before i met this problem,however ,during that period the download speed is very slow.and then since smartscreen stopped me to download cis a few days ago,i found the loacation of the download link’s ip address is at my own city.so i guess,the problem is at the cdn server.
so when would comodo fix the problem for us???
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Is the download speed still very slow with you? Or has the situation improved? I am asking because I want to connect to Ed the network admin about it. You’re from China and China is known to give problems. The problem is also being called the Great Firewall of China with a play of words.

well,just as what I have pointed out at my last post.at first,the download speed was very slow(since i found I was downloading directly from the comodo server during that period),and the smartscreen never stopped me from downloading.
then,the download speed became much higher,as I found I was downloading the file from a cdn server of comodo.however,during this period the smartscreen of ie would always stop me from downloading the file,and I had to use other browsers to perform the download process.
and now ,if I press the download link with ie,it would show me a warning page.and if I use other browsers to open the download link,it would show me “internal server error” only without the real start of the download process.(I just mean I could not download cis at all at the moment.)
is everything clear now???
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well,the situation of the problem has changed for another time.i can now download cis from the link i showed at the begining of my post with other browsers.but the smartscreen of ie and edge still warns me every time when i try to download it,inspite i have submitted false positive report to microsoft for a few days.i am really not sure wether there is some problems there.and i think comodo should make a check about it,or it would only scare a lot of people from using cis.by the way,has anyone of you ever recieved a warn from smartscreen of microsoft browsers when you try to download cis10 from the same link which i showed at the begining of my post?
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