Has IceDragon been ended?

I downloaded Comodo Dragon to get rid of Chrome, then when I tried to replace Firefox with Ice Dragon, I could not download it from this site nor two others.


Nevermind…I finally found a download site that actually had IceDragon, and not Comodo Dragon masquerading as such. Bye Bye crummy Firefox!

Hi 2Riverbank,

Comodo IceDragon can still be downloaded, but is built on quite an old version of Firefox and has not had any security updates applied since it’s release so I would use with caution and not feel safe and secure using it.

We have asked for an updated version for a long while, but appears the only developement is with Dragon ( chrome based ) which is a pity as there are numerous ’ Chrome ’ based browsers in the market but very few Firefox based ones.

Until last month I had been using XP Pro for the past five years, which means Mypal, Centaury, Opera, and a decrepit version of Firefox for browsers. None of them could be called secure, yet I never had any problems, so I remain unconvinced that updated browsers are all that important. I’ll have to assume that IceDragon is at least as good as the junk I have been using. If I’m wrong, that is what I pay a computer tech for. In any case I’m quite pleased to of finally given Firefox the ‘pink slip’. Not a fan!