Has detected Virus been removed?

When I first installed ComOdo Antivirus and scanned, a virus alert came up…


Before I could select an action on the pop up box, the box disappeared. This “virus” now appears in the anti-virus event log. The action says “detect” and the status says “success”. The virus is not listed in the quarantine. There are no other entries and the system now scans clean. What does this mean? Does this indicate that the virus intrusion was detected and stopped?

Hi mboehmer,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.


I suppose if I come back I’ll get the hang of it, but the program is a lot easier to figure out and run than this forum!

I have the same issue … only to a much greater degree. [I can’t even type in this box! :-)]

I have ~48 Trojans or worse that are listed in my “events” as detected, but that was from the first run before I realized I needed to [how do you type on this??? It jumps all over!]. Anyway, I need to know how to tell the program how to quarantine them. I’ve tried everything I can think of. [There, screen settled down a little bit - still strange to type on!] All I need is a way to mark or select or whatever the “detected” ones and tell the program to quarantine them. [I’ll do it one at a time if necessary.] This has got to be super simple, as it obviously easily happens and I presume it is a simple basic command that I’m just not seeing. If someone could tell me what the process is I’d be most grateful. Because the Trojans are still there, but since Comodo has “detected” them and so reported, it won’t “see” them again. But they are still causing horrendous problems [I don’t really run that dirty of a machine :slight_smile: I was hacked big-time and these and a couple dozen more that I DO have in quarantine were dumped on me.

There is something wrong with this screen. This can’t possibly be intentional! Driving me batty! Anyway, one or more of the little uglies blew up part of Comodo and now it can only do 30% of its update before that freezes, but I don’t dare remove and reinstall for fear of losing those that have been detected. I cannot type on this. I give up! :slight_smile: If someone would tell me how to tell Comodo to quarantine those I would much appreciate it. NetProphet

Hi NetProphet,

There are multiple options to add detected items to quarantine.

  • automatic inclusion to quarantine: in this case all detected items will be automatically moved to quarantine. Open CIS and go to Antivirus->Scanner Settings and check “Automatically quarantine threats found after scanning” inside “Real Time scanning” and “Scheduled Scanning” tabs.

  • manually add to quarantine: when performing manual scan, after it is finished, press “Results” button and you’ll have the option to add detected files to quarantine.

  • if automatic quarantine is not set for real time scanner, then you will be prompted by which which action to take with detected threat and you can choose to quarantine that item.

Thanks and regards,

Thank you ionelp! … Unfortunately I already had those options figured out by the time I posted, so I expect everything will be fine from now on. [When first downloaded Comodo it just took off running and I just let it go ahead without having configured it at all.] I now have it configured to automatically quarantine. Also, it is very good about asking me and giving me options, etc. I am now able to do all the things your post suggests just fine.

My problem is the results of that first run, before I had everything configured. Once it had been cranking and had found a few bugs I didn’t want to stop it, so I just let it keep on rolling. But the machine was so slow from all the little nasties that it took over 7 days(!) to “almost” finish the first scan … and then it crashed. Because I had not configured it to automatically quarantine, it did not. Because it crashed it did not have the opportunity to ask me what to do. So … I now have nearly 50 Trojans and BadJokes and worse … all the uglies you can think of (even had a live executable kill file, which I went in and deleted by hand) … anyway, I still have 48 bad guys that are marked as “detected” in the results/history screen. But they were never quarantined or eradicated (because I had not configured it and because Comodo eventually crashed I never had the opportunity to tell it to quarantine or destroy them). But it won’t see them now … since it has already “dealt” with them. Yet they are still there. They have just been “detected”. I can’t figure out any way now to get Comodo to quarantine them. Once they are marked as detected, none of the solutions you gave will work (although I much appreciate the suggestions).

But is there any way to talk Comodo into quarantining them at this point? Thank you!