Has anyone noticed "RUNDLL32.exe - Application error" after installing Comodo?

I have attached screenshots:

I reported as an issue/bug here, but I wanted to ask if this is a common issue and if someone knows the solution?

I am using XP SP2.

After installing the latest version of Comodo Internet Security (Firewall only), I receive a pop up error after restarting my computer. I need to click OK multiple times (the pop ups comes up multiple times).
Display properties does not load up properly (same error pops up).

Also my routing table no longer displays anything (after netstat -r command).

Does anyone know the solution to this?

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Hi liziowa, welcome to the forums.

I’ve not seen this myself, but given a number or error pop-up’s, I would suspect that you’re probably getting a RUNDLL32 error pop-up for every instance that RUNDLL32 is used in your start-up and that the routing table may well be empty as a direct result of RUNDLL32 not being able to run successfully.

Do the Windows Event Logs give any more details on this event… or the DLL modules concerned?

Also, is your AV active and the virus definitions up to date?