Has anyone gotten either to work with Hulu?

On pretty much any chromium or chrome based browser that isn’t Google Chrome, Hulu doesn’t work (Error Code 3307).

So no one else uses Hulu with Chromium or Chromodo? Or am I the only one having the issue?

Hi NeonFlak,
I can’t test this due to my location.
Maybe an obvious question, but do you have the latest PPAPI Flash plugin installed on the system?
Flash plugin support for Dragon and Chromodo.

Kind regards.

Yes I do have the latest PPAPI, as this works in Opera.

So in terms of webkit (is it still webkit?) based browsers, Hulu in particular only seems to work with Chrome and Opera. So I’m assuming Opera’s versions (stable, beta and dev) are based off Chrome instead of Chromium and don’t use Chrome’s built in pepper flash. As flash doesn’t work in Opera unless the PPAPI version is installed, which again, it is.

When it comes to webkit (is it still webkit?)Chromium and browsers based off Chromium, which I’m assuming is Chromodo and Comodo Dragon, they don’t work in Hulu. They get the generic error code 3307 from Hulu which is related to DRM content. Making all the user visible settings the same (so settings in Settings and Flags) between any Chromium based browser and Chrome/Opera doesn’t seem to help any.

So, Hulu works without issues for me in:
FireFox - and all derivatives
IE 11
IE Edge

Hulu does not work in Chromium or apparently any Chromium derivatives I’ve tried. I started another post about it in the Chromium group as well.