Hardware Requirements

I am about to download the Firewall etc. free software but only have a Celeron processor, the website says Pentium. Is anybody using other than Pentium with no problems?

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It just means Pentium or equivalent to, not that it has to be pentium. I use AMD fine.

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Thanks for the welcome, my problem is I understand a Celeron is not as good as a Pentium (or why is it cheaper), but is it good enough.

Hopefully about to be a part of Comodo soon.


If your system matches the requirements below then you should be able to run the firewall fine.

* Windows 2000 (ALL)
* Windows XP (except 64 bit XP)
* Windows 2003 (ALL)
* 64 MB available RAM
* 32 MB of available free hard disk space

Are there 64 bit versions on the horizon? Two of my machines are 64 bit, one is XP, the other Suse Linux with multiple virtual machines installed…

A celeron is a Pentium, without Pentium’s cache memory. A C will do anything that a P will do, but it takes a bit longer. When given a choice, you ALWAYS want as much memory as possible - that remains true of L1 cache, L2 cache, video card memory, and system RAM.


I think from around next year (about January) Comodo will be adding support for 64 bit.

You may want to read the following post for more information:



Your system should be able to run Comodo fine, your Celeron processor will support it fine :wink: