Hard Lockup

When I install CAVS and reboot, my system locks up so badly even the clock stops.

Windows XP-SP3
Pentium DualCore 820
Nvidia 6600 video
Realtek audio
WD 150 GB hard drive

no other security software installed.

This could be down to a couple of things:

  • I notice that you have SP3 for XP, this product is an RC and may (probably does) contain bugs which may slow down and effect your computers performance.
  • CAVS is still in BETA and may not work under your system spec for what ever reason.

CAVS 3 is due out for release very soon, my personal advise is hold off using CAVS until then. This product will resemble the same quality as the Firewall, which I would encourage anybody to use as this is a superb piece of software that protects against many things (including 60% of viruses!!, dont forget this is a firewall!!).