Hard drive unaccesible after encryption removal

I removed encryption from an encrypted hard driver exactly following the procedure in the manual, but the hard drive is not accesible after the removel, when I access the drive, it says “You need to reformat the disk before you use it”. I added encryption again, but the problem keeps the same. Any idea to recover the data in the drive? Very urgent! Thanks for help.

I tried with another drive, encrypted it and then decrypted it, the drive becomes unaccessible, so I have to format it.

The problem with Comodo disk encryption is that my system can’t fully shut down (OS is Vista), I need to manually turn off power, this is the reason why I wanted to turn off it. But never thought I would lost all information on the drive.

well i wont EVER be getting comodo disk encryption,if this is the support users of it get. This is a serious problem and it should be resolved within weeks

i hope it is resolved now

i cant decrypt mine because my pc wont pick it up and im stuck with a useless hd as i cant format it too, this is a stupid piece of junk, is there any way to directly contact comodo?